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Vintage Turkish Rugs

Vintage Turkish Rugs

The exact formula for making a house into a home is unique to everyone. One of our most loved ways to add warmth and color to a space is through artwork. Turkish and Persian rugs are among some of the most popular hand-crafted artworks available in the world – each vintage piece full of stories that will add a new chapter to the story of your own home. We are absolutely obsessed with these wool rugs and in using theme for rooms throughout the house. While we love neutral palettes at Greyn, Turkish rugs are a beautiful addition for a little pop of color. 

Vintage Turkish RugIf you are looking for an affordable, vintage Turkish rugs – then you must check out Woven in Vintage, a small business based out of South Carolina with a curated collection of vintage rugs and textiles from around the world. Some of our favorite pieces are the kilims imported from ancient cities within Turkey. We love seeing out treasures that stand the test of time for you as they have in their Turkish homeland and quickly become everyday heirlooms in your home.
With a burnished beauty brought about by years of age and use, each piece has a unique history of its own. The tradition of the abstract motifs and colors of the rugs are rich and symbolic and have become somewhat of an exotic language for the Turkish weavers, who are keeping this historical art alive. Even after 100 years of genteel wear, Turkish rugs have maintain their special identities and reflect on a nation that is strong, colorful and artistic. Each blemish and imperfection adds to the character of these handicrafts and you’ll be able to see the love and care that goes into such an item.
Vintage Turkish RugIts through inviting pieces like these that allow a home to become a place of beauty and wonder, and one that tells stories of the people inside. If you think your typical rug is too simple for the persona of your home, then here is the change to outdo the dullness. Create a colorful space with these chic and comfortable rugs and add one of these well-loved, artistic masterpieces to your home that will breathe a new life into your space.

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