Functional Kitchen Designs

Designing a Kitchen to be Functional and Inspiring
The Ivory Lane Kitchen

Functional Kitchens

A kitchen is always the most important room of any house for me. Its a space that gets plenty of use, and since I was a child, a gathering place for friends and family. So I put a lot of thought into kitchens and in ensuring that these spaces represent the heart of the home. While there are many exquisite (and trendy) components you can add to a kitchen, these can sometimes make these heavy-use spaces less functional. But not only should your kitchen be functional – it should be inspiring as well. Here are some of our favorite rooms and ways to make a kitchen design functional – just in case you’re creating your dream kitchen.

Gray, White and Black Kitchen


If you are able to build your kitchen from the ground up, then you have to (and are lucky enough) to consider and reconsider the layout. Create an open space where you and guests will be able to comfortably walk around and prepare meals. You should also look at where all the appliances, plumbing and even the trash can will go in the kitchen. You wouldn’t want the dishwasher or trash can far from the kitchen sink. Think about all the things that frustrate you in your current kitchen and in other kitchens you’ve cooked in and then imagine yourself in your dream kitchen and where everything will be located. It’s all these little details that will help you to create a well-designed kitchen space.

Zinc Countertops


With any kitchen renovation, you will most likely be looking at surfaces for your cabinetry. There is a multitude of options to choose from – marble, granite, limestone, zinc and on and on. While I love a Carrera Marble countertop in a kitchen, marble is more susceptible to scratching and staining, as it is softer and more porous than granite. If you’d prefer something more durable like granite, but love the look of Carerra Marble, there are many choices in this similar style that will offer the variability that you find in natural stone slabs. Honed countertops (the more matte surfaces) are also more kitchen friendly if you are sold on a particular type of marble. And while zinc would make for quite the showstopping countertop in any kitchen, this is not the best choice for high-traffic kitchens. Countertops come down to preference, of course, though you need to consider how much use your kitchen will receive and the upkeep that may be needed for that particular countertop.

Kitchen with Brass


Lighting can really make or break a kitchen. A poorly lit space is not somewhere that you’d want to entertain or spend a lot of time prepping and cooking food in. A good lighting scheme will not only make the space more beautiful, but more functional as well. Whether it is recessed lighting, pendants, or even a chandelier – ensure that good lighting choices are made over working spaces, the island and dining areas.

Glass Cabinets


Glass front cabinets can be so simple and light and a lovely addition for any kitchen, but what you do have to consider is that glass front cabinets mean you need to keep what is behind those doors organized. In all honesty, my cabinets are not always organized and and seeing this disorder behind glass or always having to make sure they look perfect would drive me crazy! So if you are considering glass doors within your kitchen, look at doing just a couple, so they are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Kitchen Cabinets


The cabinet design is another of the most important elements in any kitchen design. While you have to consider if the cabinets will be painted or stained or what type of hardware they are going to have on them, you should put a lot of thought into where all your small appliances and larger kitchen items will be stored in the kitchen. If you have a large mixer and other small appliances then pull out drawers could be just the trick for easy access. For large baking trays  and that oversized griddle, shelves lined above your refrigerator will keep them organized and hidden. The less cluttered you can make your countertops and more organized you can make your cabinets the better and more functional of a space it will be.

In the end, make sure your kitchen has plenty of personality and design. Building and renovating a kitchen involve a lot of work and money, so take your time in figuring out the key to designing your functional dream kitchen.

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